I had a great elective and just wanted to thank everyone for organising trip at Dorset end. The team in Peru was fantastic Fiona was always helpful, jolly and kind and David too was brilliant at organising and ensuring that everyone was enjoying there elective. Bethsi was incredibly generous with her time and constantly went out of her way to ensure that we had the best possible opportunities, and additionally there was Valentin and Dimelsa who were great caretakers and more like houseparents to us all.

Norman Maciver

Wouter van Eeden here. I don't know if you still remember me but Im a medical student from The Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland. We had all that trouble with our passports last year. Me and 3 friends (Andrew, Pavan, Hussain) went to Bali last June for 4 weeks. We had an absolute amazing time and we're thinking of going away to Tobago this year around June. Can I ring you sometime tomorrow or when ever it suits you and we can have a short meeting about it? Just to get your opinion etc... Just gimme a time and well arrange it.

Wouter van Eeden

Having been on the trips today, we wanted to send a message to say thank you after having such a brilliant day. Both the white water rafting and the elephant safari were brilliant and it has been one of the best days of our elective so far. We are having such a wonderful elective here and would like to take this opportunity to say thank you again for organising it.

Naomi Sefton & Helen Leitch-Devlin